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Our family  has 40 years of breeding experience, including (over the years) Mastiffs, Saint Bernards, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, and now Havanese.  We are lifetime animal lovers, and love being in charge of caring for, training, snuggling, and socializing puppies all day long.

Our AKC-quality Havanese pups are whelped and raised in our home with constant care and supervision.  Playing with puppies is our full time job these days!  They grow up as members of the family in our home in southern Maine.  Family members include humans, Havanese of various ages, a few aloof felines, and a cheerful Patagonian Conure who has learned to bark with the dogs!  Needless to say, the puppies are very well socialized.  They also come to you vaccinated, paper-trained, and if you need your puppy shipped to you the necessary vet exam & certificate is on us.

We are always home and encourage you to meet the pack and fall in love with your new puppy in person.  Contact us with any questions about the pack, the Havanese breed, and to hear all about the puppies we have now!

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